Aluminium BiFold Doors
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  • As seen on Grand Designs, the aluminium bi-fold door has been an incredibly popular option for homeowners. They can open the space to 90% allowing you to utilise the space you own. Cold, raining or god forbid snowing? You don't want the doors open. Our Bi-Fold doors allow for single entry access to ensure they are still functional.   

  • We believe that our bi-fold doors are the most weather resistant on the market. Coming in 6 different colours with a list of extra features to make that addition stand out, our offering in this category of door is unrivalled.  Contact us today to discuss the u-value rating.  

  • Every home is different. Colours, handles, hinges are different for every property. We build the Bi-Fold to suit your home. It's not just taken off the shelf. Time, planning and craftsmanship all feed into delivering you the best product for the best price.